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David360   Eris  

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I have 1 baby red eyed tree about 34 in long.I got him three days and he is not eating the small crickets I’m buying him.He also doesn’t move very much .I keep the temp at 73 to 78 at daytime and itvgoes down to about 70 at noght. I keep the humidity at about 80 to 88 through the day and night with a fogger.I use a store brand ceramic heater to heat the tank up.Also,the tank I use is a an exo Terra 12×12×18 tank. I used the store brand substrate with moss.o have a few vines and a small plant in tje tank.My frog is starting to get skinny .I have a vacation in 3 days and I wam t to show a famlily emeber how to feed the frogs but I camt. Should I force feed it and see of it survives ?

10/06/16  04:57am


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If you have only had him for 3 days, he may still need time to settle in. I would leave him alone and try not to get into the cage unless absolute necessary. He is nocturnal, so he wont move much during the day, and may even wait until the room is completely quiet and very dark before he comes out. Make sure the room he is in is a quite room and cover the sides of the tank to minimize the amount of visual stress. Lots and lots of foliage and plants will help make him feel safe. Make sure the crickets are a proper size, not longer than the width of his head. You could try feeding in a glass dish to monitor, they are hunters and will mostly be interested in wiggling and moving prey-maybe offer other types of insects like dubia roaches or phoenix worms. Also be sure you are using de-chlorinated water.

I would NOT suggest trying to force feed, this may cause even more stress or even harm. If you think he is looking sickly, then I would recommend talking with a vet sooner rather than later.

10/06/16  02:17pm

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