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 Why are my frogs dying!?!?

So I started off with two frogs and a lizard and then I got two more frogs and another anole lizard, a long tailed lizard, and a bahama lizard... They all keep dying!! So first one frog died, didn’t know why just thought it was nature taking it’s course. Few weeks later, my other frog dies! What the heck? And then a few days later my anole lizard dies! And now a few weeks later my first anole lizard dies! Now I’m really worried for my two remaining frogs and lizards... The first two frogs have been doing good for almost two years now, I don’t know why all my new pets are dying? I feed them very well and make sure that I change the water at the longest every two days, I clean their cage weekly and deep clean it monthly. Any ideAs as to what is happening?

06/07/16  10:54pm


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  Message To: Consuelo   In reference to Message Id: 2318639

 Why are my frogs dying!?!?

HI I had a cohabitation tank just like that not long ago. So there are a few things; first thing when you have animals that live together and one dies, the others are likly to die if they where friends. This happoned to me when my whitty died the long tail just gave up and wouldn’t move till he too died. Vary sad.

Second, You need to check the tank clean it fully out rinse with vinegar water. Any toys you had in there or logs need to be cleaned or tossed out. There are a lot of disease that can stay in a tank even after a simply cleaning. You also need to make sure the tank dries out.

Can I ask what bedding and food you where feeding them, also where do you live? I live here in Colorado and it can be hard to keep frogs here due to the weather and temp changes. Let me know what info you can

06/12/16  08:04pm

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