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Maltona   ChrisandMartin  

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 Big eyed tree frog

We bought a big eyed tree frog for our son. After setting up the terrarium the way we were told to for these frogs and getting the temperature and humidity just right we brought the frog home. He immediately burried himself and hasn’t been out since. It has been 7 days! We dug him up and can see that he is alive. What should we do. He hasn’t eaten or done anything. I haven’t found much info on these frogs. We are worried! Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

01/12/16  08:56am


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 Big eyed tree frog

Poor little fella sounds stressed. I would just call the local vet and see if they handle exotic animals. If not ask for a name of a vet who does. Then place a call asking if it is something to be concerned about. Or call a local pet store and ask for some who actually may know something about the frogs.
What I did notice is most of the forms posted here are months/years old. I wish I could help more but I am new to the frog thing too haha! Good luck and I hope you get answers.

01/22/16  09:47pm

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