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Bdavis   Crotus  

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 Help! my treefrog is spitting up!

Please help! I have a little green tree frog, i think he may be a peeper tree frog. He is doing this weird thing where it looks like he is gagging. He does this for a few minutes and then he spits/vomits this clear sticky gooey looking stuff. Is he okay or is this a bad sign? He is eating fine and is still active. Im not sure exactly what kind of frog he is, just the average Kentucky tree frog that makes a singing noise late at night.

10/02/15  09:58pm


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 Help! my treefrog is spitting up!

Hey, I researched this for you and it looks like there are two possibilities. Your treefrogs may be shedding its skin, in which case frogs sometimes look like they are vomiting. Or, it may have ingested some substrate and is trying to regurgitate it. In case it’s the second one, I would suggest laying out a layer of damp moss over the substrate to keep your frogs from ingesting the substrate when they’re hunting bugs. Speaking of that, try to make sure you use soft bodied prey insects to avoid impactions (small crickets but not mealworms, for example). In any case, so long as your frog is eating it probably is in good health.

10/05/15  05:38pm

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