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 Help bloated wtf

He hasnt been pooping for a couple days now I put him in warm water with metafix and hes been lively still croaking every day and junping when I try to stick him in the bath

09/17/15  12:24pm


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  Message To: 411er1   In reference to Message Id: 2314921

 Help bloated wtf

Is he still eating? If so then probably he is OK, but if not it could be an impaction. My advice would be to be patient until it passes, and avoid putting any small rocks or other objects into the tank that could be swallowed and cause impactions. What have you been feeding him? I recommend that you don’t feed your treefrogs mealworms because unlike reptiles, amphibians swallow their food whole so these may cause trouble. If you use crickets, use wingless, medium sized ones and avoid very large ones with wings and spiny legs.

09/19/15  04:57pm

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