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Dbaejo   Crotus  

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 Tank Background

I have a new 29 gallon tank that I’m using to house grey tree frogs. They are still little bitty, they just morphed from tadpoles earlier this year. My question is regarding a background. My plan is to establish a living background, or plant wall. I’m using wandering jew plants and pothos to do this, but I’m not sure as to what kind of material to use for the plants to climb up. Burlap or cheese cloth? Some sort of netting? I’m using bamboo stick to create a frame of sorts. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

09/04/15  05:44pm


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  Message To: Dbaejo   In reference to Message Id: 2314813

 Tank Background

I would recommend making a small trellis type structure out of bamboo or something similar, since it will look natural and let in plenty of lighting from that side which is good for plant growth. But be careful that there are no sharp points that could injure the frogs.

09/05/15  10:08pm

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