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 Please help me !!!!!!!!

I have had a white lipped tree frog for almost two years I got her from my friends mom who said she had been a class pet for a years I checked her cage and when I pick her up she freezes and won’t move like she is in pain and her legs get all twitchy she starts to breath really off and one side of her lung looks larger than the other she is getting odd discoloration that comes and goes today she was purple then I opened the windows or sunlight upped her humidity by adding hot water to her bedding and she went back to green but now she has odd small spots that are very light in color she only appered to get these spots when she acts sick ...she tucks herself between the wall if her cage and her waterbowl and gets stiff when I pick her up I moved her into her water bowl and again her lags seemed to shake uncontrollable later she tried to move from where she was but she couldn’t because she looked like she was too weak she hadrnf moved from the spot for hours and although her butt is in the water her back is not and it keeps getting dried out I have no idea how to help her andbim afraid she might die :( ......I really need some help also since the lady few months in the middle of the night she will jump and ram her face into the glass wall of her cage please help !!!!!!

08/29/15  11:04pm

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