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 My adult Red eyed tree frog is not eating!!!

I have him in a 12x12x18 tall hes about 1 inch i got him 1 week and a half ago his temperature during the day is 80-85 at night 75-80 humidity stays at 60-80 i have 2 live plants i have no shady spot the light fills the whole thing but the plant provides shade its a 13 watt UV i have a 10-20 heating pad underneath i feed him in a large critter carrier with paper towel at the bottom and i put crickets in it and leave him in the dark for 5 minutes his substrate is Eco earth hope you can help??? If you need anything else for me to tell you just say the word ad ill tell it to you thanks?? Help??????????!!!!!

This is the tank i have him in

This is what i feed him in

08/29/15  02:29pm


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 My adult Red eyed tree frog is not eating!!!

I can’t see the photos, can you reload them?
I hope this doesn’t sound like a dumb question, but do you turn the light off at night? It is vital that you do so, because treefrogs are nocturnal creatures that are active at night and, as you know, like to hunt their food in darkness. To leave the lights on at night deprives them of their natural cycle, and so you must turn off the lights at night for your frogs to remain healthy. Set it up on a timer if possible.
You can then release some small crickets into the terrarium at night for your frogs to hunt; this is much better than just giving them 5 minutes in which they barely have time to even wake up. Furthermore, it is sttressful to the frog to move him out of the tank at feeding time, so please follow my suggestion.
One more thing: May I ask why you need a heating pad, especially in summer? You may be making the tank too hot, please remove it or use it only in winter on cold nights if the temperature is too low.
Please follow my suggestions and keep me posted if there is any improvement.

09/06/15  03:54pm

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