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 Sick Whites Tree Frog

I have had two Whites Tree Frogs for about two years. They have both been healthy and active eaters since I got them when they were babies. I feed them a few live crickets every few days with frog tongs, dustings them every other time. I have live plants with moss over the dirt and a screen separating the pebbles that catch the water to be siphoned out. The past month one of my frogs has not been eating when I feed them. I have noticed poop around the tank (which I move to the dirt for fertilizer), but I believe it is my other frogs poop. The frog that is not eating has been very lathargic spending most of his time in the water bowl with half open eyes. He seems uninterested when crickets are presented to him. I have given him two warm water soaks with a few drops of honey in them to try to jump start his digestive system. Besides not eating and being lethargic, his skin looks healthy with no changes. Any ideas on what it may be and what I can do to help him? Thanks!

08/04/15  10:58am


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 Sick Whites Tree Frog

I speculate that it may have a problem with either parasites or impaction, so I recommend you separate the problem frog into a quarantine tank for observation. In my experience crickets are an excellent staple food for amphibians, but you need to take care to get ones that are kept clean and are not infested with pest bugs. Also it’s best to use ones that are medium sized and avoid large tough ones with wings and spiny legs which could cause impactions. I also believe that rather than dusting them, it’s better to gut load them by keeping your crickets in a container where they are fed plenty of nutritious food (flake fish food works great) before offering them to your frogs.
What kind of lighting do you use? Even though they are nocturnal, amphibians do seem to appreciate full spectrum lighting during the day, and it helps plant growth.
Please try some of my suggestions and see if there is any improvement, if not then I would take that frog to a herp vet if possible.

08/12/15  09:46am

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