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 New Red Eyed Three Frogs, a little bit worried


I have purchased two Red Eyed Three frogs two days ago. I am new to keeping frogs. My dad is sic and had to get rid of his aquarium so I made it a vivarium.

I have live plants in it, with a pound, clayballs, bio compost Under coco husk substrate. I also have a reptiglo 5.0 15w rainforest light over the tank, no heating lamp or heating pad. Humidity is quite stable at 99% sometimes, but rarely, it drops to 90%. Temperature remains between 25 to 26 degree celcius. I have read that it was fine between 23 and 30 degrees. But there is one thing I’m concerned about.

When I got them, they were a lively green. I have a male and a female that always shared the same tank at the petshop. The first night, I heard my male singing and two of the five crickets I gave them has been eaten. But on the next day, I thought the female was of a dark green and read it was because she was unhappy. I know she has been particularly stressed on the first day so I didn’t make it a case. During the day, she went back to a normal green, still not as lively as the first day I got them. The male is still as lively, but he didn’t move that night. At the petshop, they sold me a moon lamp to be able to Watch them at night and I tried it tonight, but I quickly noticed that the frogs woke up and went back to sleep. So I turned it off. The female woke up and moved around the tank, but not the male. So I am just wondering if that behavior is normal or not, considering they just arrived at home. If not, maybe I need to heat up the tank a little? Should I go with a heating lamp or a heating pad? I am afraid that the heating lamp will be too hot and the heating pad won’t change a thing Under all of that dirt and water. Your exeprience?

Thank you very much for helping me, I just really really love them. It litteraly is a dream come true for me to have them and I want to keep them alive and as happy as they can be.

05/17/15  06:26am


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  Message To: Steph29   In reference to Message Id: 2313625

 New Red Eyed Three Frogs, a little bit worried

I don’t know much about tree frogs but generally new pets (lizards, cats, hamsters and whatever else) have some stress associated with transferring to a new home and new habitat. (Just like people do.) My best recommendation would be to give them a few days (5-7) and see if things improve.

If you see obvious signs of disease or injury the certainly consult your vet and/or the place you bought them from but chances are she’s just a little uprooted and needs some time to adjust.

05/19/15  08:51pm

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