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 Please help, sick Grey Tree Frog

I’ve read and read about sick grey tree frogs all over the internet and while some have similar issues, none match what we are facing. Please help if you can...I live in rural Iowa and do not have a vet nearby that can treat a frog.

Our grey tree frog is a female named Jelly. She has been with us since last July (about ten months). She is in a 20 gal tank with no substrate (she didn’t like the coco bark substrate). She has a green tank liner for a floor covering. She has a large water dish, several tree sprigs for climbing, and a fake plant, as well as several varied rocks and shells. She has been so happy with us, and is very interactive. She will eat from my hand, tweezers, or hunt crickets herself. When tweezer fed, she ATTACKS the tweezers.

Three days ago my daughters told me Jelly was doing something weird. I saw she was sitting on a branch and she kept opening her mouth rhythmically, like she was singing to a beat. I wouldn’t say it was a yawn per se, but she continuously opened her mouth every two to three seconds.

The next two days, she has kept herself hidden from sight under her fake plant. I feared she was dead and attempted to prod her with my finger to move/jump. She wouldn’t. She allowed me to move her slightly, but she did not move under her own power. She also appeared more bloated than before, but nothing severe. I’d seen her like this once before when she ate crickets that were too big. She passed them nearly whole, and then shrunk back to her normal size. Now, she has the same "big" appearance.

I attempted to feed her two small crickets last night with tweezers. She did not have enough energy to attack the tweezers like normal, but did attempt to move toward it and eat it. I then stuck it directly in front of her mouth and she ate it. She was able to eat two last night.

About fifteen minutes later, I observed her on a branch. This surprised me as I was under the impression she could not move under her own power. I then observed her doing the opening her mouth rhythmically again. This time however, her stomach was obviously seizing. She would bubble out on the right side, and suck in on her left side in what I can only describe as stomach seizures. This continued for about ten minutes.

She has been on the branch all night under a black light. I have read online about melafix soaks and mineral oil on her lips. However, no one who was given this advice mentioned anything about the open mouth and seizing.

I doubt it could be an impaction as she doesn’t have substrate. The only impaction possible would be crickets.

Any ideas? Please help. Also, I’m told the directions for a melafix soak for mixing are on this site. I cannot find them. Please give me the mixing directions. I know to soak her twice a day in less than lukewarm water.


04/22/15  08:44am


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  Message To: Jellysmom   In reference to Message Id: 2313301

 Please help, sick Grey Tree Frog

Sounds to me like it may indeed be an impaction problem brought on by feeding crickets that are too large. I doubt there is much you can do for it, other than to wait and hope that the problem resolves itself. If so, please stick with small to medium sized, soft bodied and wingless crickets, NOT the big nssty ones with the wings and spiny legs. Good luck

04/25/15  04:21pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2313356

 Please help, sick Grey Tree Frog

Thanks for the response. I took her to an exotic pet vet about an hour away. Sadly, it was clear that I knew much more than she did about frogs. A waste of time and money, not to mention stress on the already sick frog. I’m trying melafix soaks now, hopefully something will pass.

04/26/15  12:09pm

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