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 Grey Tree Frog and Music

I’ve seen a similar topic before, but it didn’t seem to have any hard answers in it. Just a lot of speculation.

I have a grey tree frog, it seems healthy. It eats pretty well and all.

But my neighbor who shares a wall with me plays really loud music sometimes. Not constantly, but usually at least once every one or two days. Music with really loud, floor-vibrating bass. Can this actually kill the frog? The speakers aren’t right up against the wall but I can hear and feel the bass VERY clearly in my room. It makes stuff in my room rattle.

04/13/15  06:58pm


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  Message To: Mechanimated   In reference to Message Id: 2313172

 Grey Tree Frog and Music

I am not sure but think you really should talk to your neighbor, especially if it is disruptive to your daily life generally, which they have no right to do.

04/25/15  04:25pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2313357

 Grey Tree Frog and Music

Yes! vibrations are how a few frog detect dangor and predators! If there is too much of this and its not on a time then it will keep stressing your frog out. If possible move his tank and talk to your neighbour.

06/12/16  08:13pm

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