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 Sick white-lipped tree frog...HELP PLEASE!!!!

Thanks in advance. I have a white-lipped tree frog. Over the past week or so, she has been sick: lethargic, skinny, weak and discolored. 4 days ago, we moved her out of community cage to her own smaller cage. She seemed to soak for long times in the clean water, and started to look much better. Her color improved, she ate, moved in and out of water dish often. We changed thebwater frequently. But as of the last 24hours, she is worsening again and it appears to be dying. She looks worse than ever. She is so thin, and won’t eat. The crickets seem to be crawling all over her. She is just laying there....seems difficult to lift her head. What can we do??!!?! Oh, also, we don’t have any vets in the area that know about frogs. I will stay on to watch for replies....we need to save her!

12/27/14  12:31pm


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  Message To: Froggirl1129   In reference to Message Id: 2311493

 Sick white-lipped tree frog...HELP PLEASE!!!!

He’s really sick. Go to the recommended veternarians page and click your city/state many vets are sure to pop up.

12/27/14  04:59pm

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