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Jay dee river   Crotus  

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Jay dee river
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 Broken leg?

a tree(?) frog got his/her leg pinched in a door I was closing, quite sure leg is broken. He can crawl, not hop. I would be more than happy to feed and care for him/her unless I am just creating a miserable existence for this frog. I put water with stones in a shallow tupperware lid, not deep enough for him to drown in a big pot of soil and plants in an area that stays shaded . He did go out the tupperware on his own and sitting in the soil. Quite sure he will not be able to hunt. suggestions? pics to follow tonight to identify frog.

11/22/13  10:19am


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  Message To: Jay dee river   In reference to Message Id: 2302353

 Broken leg?

Not sure what you can do other than wait and see if he will recover, but I suggest providing very slow moving prey items such as small crickets with hind legs removed, and isolate him into his own tank to prevent competition from other frogs.

01/14/14  01:18pm

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