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KSPENCER   Crotus  

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ok so i have had this frog for years i used to have two but the other one passed away a few years ago. i reasently moved and was unable to take my frog with me but my parents take care of it for me. as far as i know they do everything the same way as i did for years. but now my frog is always a light brown color with green spots all over it. it has started to loose alot of weight and hardly ever eats. its horrible and it makes me feel awful. i have tried changing its diet up normaly it only gets crickets but now im trying meal worms i read somewhere that sometimes they need a change up or also vitamins to help with weight loss. if anyone has any info they can give me to help please do!!!! thank you all

10/07/13  10:47am


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Suggest you take it to a vet if possible, could be some problem with parasites. But, avoid mealworms please, they are difficult to diogest, instead focus on gut-loading your crickets to make them more nutritious (fish food flakes will work fine). Also try to provide a well planted, naturalistic habitat with golighting (full spectrum fluorescent lamp, timed to go on in the morning, off at night).

01/14/14  01:21pm

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