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We lost a froglet. Over night it seems that he drowned. Not sure how or why but I am terrified we are going to lose another one. Should I have 3 tanks? One for tadpoles with back legs only, one for froglets that haven’t climbed out of the water, and one for the ones that have? I can if need be but would rather not. Right now I have the froglets all in one tank. Those that have not climbed out of the water are in a dish with in the tank. So far when they are ready they have been climbing out no problem but then suddenly one either fell in or jumped in and died last night. Should I have a light on in their for them?

07/26/13  08:02pm


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normaly a good sized tank with a sloping land mass (in order (water rocks and claydirt) normaly works for all stages. and if it jumped into the dish it should have been abil to climb out... i would invest in a long tank.. fill it with about 4 inches of water then begin makeing a land/water envirment... try to simulate a natural setting.. i find my frogs to do far better in these conditions

08/01/13  07:58pm

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