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Oneilsfrogs   Crotus  

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 Need advice

So on July 4th we rescued 11 tadpoles from our pool. There were thousands of course but we couldn’t save all of them. We have been watching them grow and develop since. 2 developed their front legs Monday and climbed out of the water (with 1/2 their tail resorbed) on Tuesday. Now they are fully out of the water and have next to no tail. 2 more have since developed their front legs and are in a shallow bowl of water with the 1st two. What we (my family) are wondering is how do we know we are taking good care of these guys once out of water. I have food for them and have placed it in dry container but they never go near it as far as I can tell. They seem fine but we plan to let most of them go when they are older and want to give them a fighting chance. Any advice you can give us is most helpful. I have tons of pics so if you need those I can provide.

07/25/13  07:00am


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 Need advice

I am not an expert on raising tadpoles but know that many kinds are actually herbivorous and feed on plant foods such as algae before they transform. So therefore the younger ones that have not yet metamorphosed should be kept in a small tank with some mud on the bottom containing algae... But you should keep the water level fairly shallow and stack up some rocks for them to climb on when they metamorphose, to prevent accidental drowning, since at this stage they are air breathers... The metamorphosed froglets should be kept in a small tank with a substrate of damp soil or moss, and fed tiny insects like pinhesd size crickets, which you can get at a reasonable price from a supplier. One that I recommend is Ghann’s Cricket Farm.

07/25/13  12:36pm

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