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Slopecycle   Crotus  

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 Help picking reptiles

hi i was wondering if i could keep some giant day geckos and some rough green snakes amd a few green tree frogs in the same enclousre
help please

05/17/13  11:54pm


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  Message To: Slopecycle   In reference to Message Id: 2297450

 Help picking reptiles

No, no... the green treefrogs would be eaten by either the geckos or the snakes... and both the day geckos and the green snakes have special needs and should be housed by themselves or with others of their kind. Even then, male geckos will fight, so you should house 1 male with 1 or more females. You sound like a beginner, so i recommend you set up a small tank for just green treefrogs, because the others (especially the day geckos) are more delicate and really for advanced hobbyists.

05/25/13  04:50pm

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