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Kmayhall   Crotus  

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 Milk frogs

Can anyone help me? I just got 2 milk frogs. Noticed one is bloating. I was told to raise the temp and humidity by a friend that works with reptiles and amphibians. Can someone tell me the best way to do this? Please...I need help. This is much tougher than my turtles :-(

02/20/13  10:21am


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 Milk frogs

I haven’t kept these but know they are tropical so should not be exposed to very cold temps -- or too much dry heat. I would say while temps are cold, to keep them in a heated room but to add some humidity by using a humidifier and/or spraying the tank a couple of times daily... Also use a full spectrum fluorescent lamp over the tank during the day to stimulate plant growth as well as provide a small amount of additional warmth.

02/20/13  03:39pm

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