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Angelornot85   Crotus  

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 Our Blue Dumpy is sick!

My boyfriend and I are owners of Blue Dumpy Tree Frogs. We
started with one named Jumper. We read that dumpys are
compatiable with others, so we go another and named
in "Prince". They were very happy at first and then Jumper
(1st Frog) started looking ill. We thought maybe he was
eating wood chips while trying to catch crickets (1st
concern) but then he started constanly shedding while
having weird looking spots. Jumper died and we have no
reason to why he passed. Prince on the other hand looked
fine and acted fine. We then got another frog "Ribbit", so
after Prince (2nd frog) started looking ill. He too got
spots, skin started looking dry (even though we constanly
misted), and has become very slow moving, no jumping! We
have now seperated the frogs into cages of their own.
Prince seems to be doing better in a cage by himself but
still is very slow to move and wont jump. He sits in the
water bowl pretty much all day and his eyes dont look as
they should (very squinted instead of wide open)His skin
now looks like he is shedding but looks like it may have
infection. We dont have the money to go to the vet and I
want so much to make this little guy better. I feel like he
is suffering. If anyone can give me somes tips on making
him feel better, I would really apperciate it. He has not
been eating at all and that concerns me ALOT. We are new to
owning these frogs and maybe we are doing something wrong.
We were changing the cages monthly and now are doing it
every other week to prevent bacteria. Please! If anyone can
give us advice, plese do!

11/11/12  11:55am


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  Message To: Angelornot85   In reference to Message Id: 2285118

 Our Blue Dumpy is sick!

What type of substrate are you using? Do you have good lighting? Although theoretically amphibians don’t need lighting as much as reptiles, it is still a good idea to have a full-spectrum fluorescent light above the tank, timed to go on in the morning, off at night, and to use a naturalistic substrate like Eco-Earth with some live plants such as pothos or philodendron as well as branches for climbing. The live plants are beneficial because they help to clean the frogs’ waste products fro the soil and use them as fertilizer... Please try some of my suggestions and let me know if there is any improvement.

02/15/13  04:32pm

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