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Ebony_jade   Crotus  

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 Can these frogs get along?

Hey Guys,
I’ve got a Dainty Green Tree Frog, I’ve had her for a while now and she’s a very happy little girl, a friend of mines brother has moved away and needs to get rid of his Dumpy Green Tree Frog and Pearson’s, from what I’ve read their temperature/humidity requirements are close enough to mean they can all live together in harmony, but the Dainty is so small I worry that the Dumpy might eat her, I don’t want to see these little froggys die because no one wants to take care of them but I can’t afford another terrarium, what do you think?

07/08/12  06:46am


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  Message To: Ebony_jade   In reference to Message Id: 2272511

 Can these frogs get along?

I am not personally familiar with some of these species but I know that the Dumpy has a huge appetite, and big frogs in general are known to eat small ones, so I would say, definitely at least segregate them by size; try to see if you can get an extra terrarium second-hand at a low price if necessary.

07/08/12  07:08pm

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