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 Mating season???

Ok so I have 15 - 12" or so tank with 2 green tree frogs. I believe the original one I got is female, as it is larger than the other and it has no dark spots under it’s chin. Just recently in April I got another frog, who I’m sure is a male since 1. It has dark under chin and 2. It calls during the night (a bitter-sweet situation lol). Anyways, so he’s only called a few times but I haven’t seen them in amplexus or eggs. The female is a bit more sluggish than usual but I’m not sure if that’s because she escaped during feeding and got freaked out. Her size doesn’t look any different. I just need some suggestions on how to make the environment better for breeding, or what signs to look for in case the female is pregnant.
Extra info. The tank is flat with moss/fake grass and there’s a corner water dish. I have a plant in the tank but it’s still in it’s container (I don’t really know what to do with it) and there are numerous twigs and branches. I mist morning and night, and extra in-between if needed. Room temp ranges from 65f to 75f (I’m really trying to keep it higher than 70) lastly both frogs are very active at night (I hear then jumping in the water and on the glass)

05/22/12  10:53pm

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