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Tnfishlady   Crotus  

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 Thin white’s tree frog?

This frog seems thin to me, look at it’s back. It is about an inch long and lives with 2 other White’s that are similar in size (yes, I got two more) and I’ve been putting 6 - 8 small crickets in their habitat to try to have enough for all to eat. Last night I put in about 8, 4 were still alive this evening. I’m trying to use truly 1/4" crickets as larger ones seem to be possibly choking on them (I buy crickets labeled as 1/4" crickets and unfortunately many are bigger than this). I took this frog out and put it in a plastic container and it ate 3 of the small approx. 1/4 inch crickets. I tried to give it a small waxworm but it wasn’t interested in it, although one of the others ate one. BTW, this is one of the newbies, the one I have had the longest seems a bit chunky and it’s the one that ate the waxworm!

Anyway, does this frog look thin? I’m afraid it’s not eating enough. If so, what can I do to try to get it to eat more, other than taking it out and feeding it by itself?

05/07/12  10:04pm


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 Thin white’s tree frog?

I think it looks heathy and bright-eyed... but if it isn’t eating enough, maybe the other frogs are outmaneuvering it a little. Here is a suggestion: try putting in some extra foliage like a leafy philodendron plant to provide some extra visual barriers so each frog can stake out its own hiding place out of view of the others. The more secure they feel, the better adjusted they will be, and the better their appetites.

05/08/12  02:25pm

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