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 Farthest Jumpers

Hey Guys- Had an account here back in the day, but I have long since forgot my username, password, and email I used back then. So, new account.

So I am scouring the internet looking for the species capable of jumping the farthest (for a frog jumping contest).

Species from the genus Rana are usually used (like the bullfrog) and they max out around 6’ per jump.

I have heard that other species can jump significantly farther, specifically, the rocket frogs from the genus Litoria. The problem is they are quite tiny, and I need a frog at least 4".

One possibility I am looking at is (Litoria aurea). They’re the same genus as the rocket frogs and also from Australia, and they have the advantage of being the correct size and available in captivity. So my question for the tree frog people: does anyone have any experience with these species? Any idea how far they can jump?

Alternatives are also welcome- I’m considering maybe trying one of the larger leopard frog species, as they seem to jump a bit farther - proportionally to size of course - when compared to the bullfrog.

I’m not entering this contest this year (I’m away at school) but next year I won’t have much to do except work/grad school applications, so I can do it then. I’ll have a year to prepare.

(Oh, I should add, I am a fairly experienced herp keeper and a soon-to-graduate bio major, so I am both capable of caring for creatures and good to my animals. I’d like to try and win this contest for kicks, but the frog(s) I obtain will have a good home).


04/20/12  10:58pm

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