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 Need help with New BLue Dumpy Frog

I’m writing on behalf of my 10 year old son.

6 months ago, my son adopted a Blue Dumpy (Button) from Petsmart. He takes very good care of him, and Button is growing and eats like a pig! We just bought another Blue Dumpy (Pickles) to be a companion - and have ’him’ in another cage for a period of quarentine. We got Pickles last Saturday (2/25) and since then, ’he’ has only eaten 2 meal worms. Pickles is considerably bigger than Button, has no cuts or abrasions.

What should we do? Should we try crickets instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

02/29/12  10:41pm


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 Need help with New BLue Dumpy Frog

Yes you should feed them crickets, they are healthier. Mealworms have a hard outer shell so it might be difficult to digest. Another option could be earthworms which have plenty of calcium. My White’s tree frog loves earthworms. Are they both still seperated? If the cage is to small they will probably show dominance if they are both males.

03/05/12  05:34pm

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