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Der Frogmeister
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 My free range frogs


I joined this forum back sometime in 2009 having taken in a pair of American Green Tree Frogs in late 2008; I had been caring for these two and many more outside my door since about April of 2007. The pair have moved with me 4 times since, the male, P-Woody, passed away June 28 of last year, and the female (well at least the one that has never vocalized) Spike is still with me.
Let me tell you about their enclosure. It does not exist. They have lived in a corner of my den area where they have a large plant, a window with blinds, water dishes and a 10 gallon terrarium with no substrate, a small water dish a couple tree limbs/faux stump and crickets. I’ve also fed them mealworms as well.
I try and maintain the humidity between 45 and 60%, temperature between 68 and 74 and they have done just fine. I have no other pets such as dogs or cats; I did have a fledgling American Crow for 7 weeks that they were well aware of but after letting the crow go things were a bit calmer for the frogs.
As for eating habits, Spike generally eats one cricket or mealworm per day on the days she does eat--I attempt to feed her every evening, and sometimes just doesn’t care to eat. Recently she has not shown any desire to eat for as long as 2 to 3 weeks at a time. But she’ll eventually come around and take the food offered.
Of the "tricks" I’ve learned along the way, the most helpful was the developement of the "tree frog location detection system" which worked like a champ with the male P-Woody for the rare times he would venture away from their usual area. It entailed finding a recording of American Greens "barking", playing it and getting him to respond by barking and finally recording that series of sounds. When he’d venture out I’d click on my desktop for the video/audio, he would respond and then I could home in on him. Feel free to check it out on Youtube, search "Surveyorinms" and/or "American Green Tree Frog with photo finish".
Anyway, just thought I’d check in and update the status of my little green buddy(s), hope everyone else with an AGTF is enjoying them as much as I do.

02/24/12  01:20am

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