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 Pacific Chorus Frog Breeding Project

Hello everyone. I am currently working on a pacific treefrog breeding project for a course I’m developing in highschool. The course itself is Herpetology, but I am studying invertebrates too. I’m also trying my hand at recreating the natural environments native to my home on Vancouver Island in BC. I am wondering if anyone else out there is doing anything like this. I want to go to the government soon and get a permit and perhaps help in building an amphibian sanctuary near my house. I have a perfect place picked out in Hemer Provincial Park. The park is home to 6 species of salamander, and 4 species of frog by all my accounts. I dont know of anyone else in my area who herps. There are several ponds and swamps in the park. The salamanders I’ve seen in the park are the Western Red-Backed, the Wandering, the Roughskinned newt, the Common Ensatina, the Northwestern salamander, and the Four-toed salamander. The frogs I see are the Pacific Chorus or Treefrog (Pseudacris regilla, formerly Hyla regilla), the Green frog or Bronze frog as they call it now, the American bullfrog, and the Northern Red-Legged frog. My main priority is to reinforce the population of the Red-Legged frog on this island. From what I’ve heard, the species is of least concern now, but it was considered threatened before. I would say they are still threatened at the least on Vancouver Island. In all the time I’ve been here, I’ve seen about 20. They were all in the same areas too. I believe I introduced them to the side of Hemer Park park closest to my house. There is a constant population at one spot on the Nanaimo River that also is a breeding ground for them and the Western Toad. The river is very unpredictable however, and they eggs are almost always washed away before they are hatched. I would like to create a stable environment within an already existing, protected environment, in which virtually no predators or pollution can effect the ongoing regrowth of this species. They are really curious frogs. They are barely ever heard because they usually call underwater. If anyone knows any place they can refer me to or give me a link, or is willing to help with this, respond to this or email me at

02/18/12  03:09pm

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