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 Help with my starving tree frog.

Hi there, Much of my story resembles the person from Alabama. Our
tree frogs are sometimes referred to as Ohio, but are likely American
Tree Frogs and sound very similar in description to the AL post. Ours
too, were a rescue from a backyard pool and I too, have fallen stupidly
into their care. I have researched their foods, have aquariums and
because of our freezing temperature have little froglets in terrariums. In
the very large terrarium, I systematically lost four out of five of my
froglets. At first I suspected red leg but truthfully, it looks as if they
starve to death. I was misinformed initially and gravel and rocks with a
basking bowl and frequent spritzings of spring water for their habitat.
Later, I found it should be the more grassy and moss combination (cant
recall what its called but its the common habitat for trees.) I lost a
good number of my little guys including the four out of five from the big
terrarium. Like another poster, my tiny remaining froglet will try to eat
better when hes a cricket keeper or travel tote but struggles in the giant
terrarium. Today, as I noticed how terribly skinny he is getting, I saw
him snapping towards a fruit fly (most crickets are still too large for him)
and missing. I have seen him do this before as if his bite is too small or
he is simply just missing the fly.

Any ideas as to what is happening and moreover, what can be done? I
have a bunch of pollywogs, tadpoles and soon-to-be-froglets coming into
maturity from last season, as well as two surviving little frogs in the
smaller terrarium who seem to be doing well, but this guy, sick and
better to sick and better, has really got me in state worrying over him. If
anything can be done, weakened as he is, to save him, I would be
terribly grateful. I have spent hundreds on these guys and hate to have
it all be for naught if there is something obvious that I am doing wrong
or should be doing.

Thank you so much,

Toad > Prince, Ohio

01/31/12  06:13pm


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 Help with my starving tree frog.

Many young reptiles and amphibians will stress out in large enclosures and have difficulty finding food. A good way to make sure they are eating is to buy a small plastic container with a lid (7qt Sterilite tubs work well), melt/drill/poke some ventilation holes in the lid, and keep them in there. Keep decorations to a minimum and use paper towels to line the bottom. Paper towels make it easy to clean and help you see if the animal is pooping, which means it is eating. Put only some fake leaves, a water dish, a stick or something similar to climb on, and the paper towels. Your frogs could indeed be starving, most likely because it is difficult for very young animals to find small prey in large enclosures. It could also have eaten substrate or just be generally stressed. Move your little frog to a small container and put food in nightly. Flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, or if he is large enough, small cockroaches should get his interest if he feels secure.

02/03/12  05:10pm

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