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Wizzoot   Crotus  

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 New WTF

I recently got a new WTF to be pals with my long time WTF Sushi. After a quarantine I introduced Wasabi in with Sushi. So far things are going well. Both are eating well and getting along. I will say Sushi has been a little bit on the brown side.. not sure if he is mad or what (does that even happen lol?).

Here are a few pics!



Sushi and Wasabi

01/20/12  09:42pm


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  Message To: Wizzoot   In reference to Message Id: 2251940

 New WTF

Well, it’s possible that the original treefrog (Sushi) may have been a little intimidated at first, but like most treefrogs, this is, I believe, a communal species that can live peacefully in groups, so long as you don’t overcrowd them.

01/23/12  11:18am

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