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Froggytriss   Syrus  

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 Is my Whites Tree Frog ok?

Hi, I have had my new tree frog for 3 days. He ate 1 cricket on the first day, and hasn’t eaten one since. I just watched him open his mouth to eat one, then spit it out. Later he opened his mouth wide again, with no cricket in front of him, then closed it. Is he ok??

01/14/12  09:30pm


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  Message To: Froggytriss   In reference to Message Id: 2251061

 Is my Whites Tree Frog ok?

its normal for new frogs to not eat for up to a week and a half, just keep a eye on him and offer him a cricket every couple of days until his appetite picks up. make sure he is in a quiet area where he is left undisturbed.
He may also be shedding(yes, amphibians do it to) and that’s why he opened his mouth.
keep an eye out for any stress and make sure he stays active

01/15/12  05:24am

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