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Wizzoot   Syrus  

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 Slim coat shed

Hi guys! its been quite a while since Ive been here.

My dumpy has been doing amazingly well. Staying a nice weight, active, eats like a champ! But yesterday he was soaking and rubbing around his mouth and a huge chunk of slim/skin came out.. I mean huge. I thought his mouth was sloughing! He did open it and it looks normal, no redness or sores etc. I even fed him and he ate like a monster!

Ive read a few articles they sometimes will eat their shed skin for protein. I dont see him actively trying to eat it though. Maybe he did and got to much and it was stuck and finally loosened up? Or he is actively shedding in the mouth area?

I dunno but it was weird! Has anyone ever had this happen to their frogs?

12/30/11  11:12am


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  Message To: Wizzoot   In reference to Message Id: 2248942

 Slim coat shed

all my frogs always ate their shed skin, just their way to get it off easier
sometimes the shed comes off in one large piece and they can get a mouth full, make sure the humidity is up enough so the skin stays thin and is easy to digest

01/15/12  05:27am

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