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Rexxaroo   Federico  

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 Cuban Tree Frogs as pets?

Hello all, I’m ususally over on the water dragon forum but I find little Cuban tree frogs all over my back yard and find them kinda cute and would like to keep one for a pet :) I know their invasive to the florida region but I haven’t been able to find much on people keeping them. I have a 20 gallon that would work great, just need to know about care and if its reccomemded to keep these :) thanks


08/29/11  11:55pm


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 Cuban Tree Frogs as pets?

As someone who is unwillingly bringing in pollywogs and tadpoles as they metamorph into froglets, I would recommend against it. They have not been domestic creatures and they struggle with the stress and often do not thrive. If I had my way, all of mine would have left the baby pool where they hatched before the freezing temperatures and found their way in the wild where they belong. It seems that reptiles bred in captivity and meant for that environment do much better. I have spent tons of money, time and research and still had more casualties than I care to count.

Just my take. Good luck and best wishes, either way.

01/31/12  06:18pm

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