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my neighbor has these pet pacific tree frogs(three of them) and gave them to me, so i put them in like a five gallon(there all about a centimeter long) and half of it was moist moss with a dish of water for them to soak in, and the other half was sprayed fish aquarium gravel with lots of fake plants and little hides, like if you go to a petstore and you see those magnetic pools of water for tree frogs you can put on the top of the cage i have one of those, and i have a humid hide in there too, is this a good setup?


07/30/11  12:27am


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It sounds like you’re trying to do right by the frogs, and that’s great. Seems pretty good: lots of hiding places, steady moisture, which are the 2 biggies. Sounds like they have a couple things to climb on, which they like.

Make sure to feed them crickets dusted with a bit of calcium and herp vitamins every 2nd - 3rd day. The powders can be found at almost any pet store, on online, and a jar will last years for you. To apply the vitamins, just use the bag the crickets came in, spnkle some in, add a few crickets, and shake/tip to dust. I’m assuming you have a cricket keeper, and keep the crickets themselves supplied with food (fish food flakes work well) and moisture (tough one, carrots help and there are commercial products). At most, your 3 will eat 8-9, and it could go as low as 3 if the crickets are full mediums.

I’d add a full-spectrum light, if their location in your house doesn’t give them a fair amount of natural sunlight. They love to bask, if they feel secure enough and can keep moist. It’s also important for their health, just as vitamin D matters to you.

I’d also add a less pokey substrate. At frog size, gravel isn’t all that smooth. Gardening bark that you’ve heated on a tray at 300 or so for 15 minutes, and left to cool to room temperature (kills mites, fungus etc.) is very good. As a quick fix, if you have medium to large scallop shells (or any other semi-flat shell), you can boil them for a minute and let them cool to room temp, then put them on the gravel and under some of the fake plants. The frogs really like those kinds of resting places, and you can keep them there even after you add other stuff. Note that the moss they sell in pet stores isn’t so great, it’s actually hard to climb over for the frogs, and probably scratchy - they don’t like it much. You can use a little (they sometimes hide under it), but you need something else.

The 5 gallon is a bit small. You’d be amazed how far those little guys can go, and for 3, a 15-gal. is way better. A 5-gallon for them is like living in a 400 square foot studio apartment for you, with no restaurants nearby. If you had 2 roomies, you’d want at least 1,200 square feet, wouldn’t you?

Other thing is: if you start to hear them croak a lot, consider taking them to a nearby pond or something with other frogs in it, and letting them go. No fair having them cooped up in a monastery!

04/12/13  03:24pm

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