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 WTF w/ severed toe pad

Have a pair of white’s that I handled today. Noticed on my slightly smaller one that a toe pad on his right hind leg is hanging on by a thread. Looks like a rather clean cut - just not complete. Haven’t handled them in about a week, so don’t now how or when it happened. Site is red & slightly swollen & bled just a tiny bit... so I suspect it was recent. Can’t say behavior has changed as we have only had them 3 weeks. However, compared to our previous WTF who ate ALL the time & was constantly active - both these frogs are fairly mellow. The upside is they are pretty easy to handle.

It is typical that the two stay huddled together in the upper corner of their home all day, their eyes sorta glazed over & their breathing very shallow & barely noticeable. One is always a vivid green, the other mostly brown. Then, when you handle them, both instantly "perk" up. Their eyes become very expressive and glossy black, they crawl, jump & climb all over. One has croaked a few times, just not sure which one yet. So, I assume they are content. Substrate is EcoEarth, with driftwood, silk vine & some slate used to create a cave.

How should I treat? Do I need to separate them until the one heals? What do I do about the flesh that is barely hanging on?
Please help...
Thanks & sorry for the long post...

12/25/08  04:55pm


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  Message To: SpecChick   In reference to Message Id: 1920472

 WTF w/ severed toe pad

I would separate it, put paper towels on the bottom of the tank. I would not mist the tank and get the temps up around 82 to 85.
You could start the mela fix dips that Hoppy has posted on here, and see if that will help.
You could also put an anti-bacterial ointment on it, (with out pain killer) see if that will help.

Keep us updated.

12/26/08  07:05pm


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  Message To: Whitie   In reference to Message Id: 1920902

 WTF w/ severed toe pad

already removed the substrate & put down a few layers of paper towel. i have a bottom heater & a 12w UVB Reptisun bulb that is on 12hr cycle. for some reason, i have trouble getting the temp above 72-75. i don’t have a means to separate them at the moment, but I can work on that tomorrow. makes me sad for the little guy because these two are total buddies... i hope they are male/female because they are always cuddling.

went to a reputable reptile/amphibian pet shop today & they recommended a tea tree oil based treatment. the box only indicated use for reptiles & toads... not frogs. my better judgment told me not to use it. he is eating, but by the looks for him, he could stand to eat more. any ideas on how to get his appetite up? he is also shedding. just a couple misc questions:

will separating them for the time being create a problem when we reintroduce the two?
i have polysporin, do you have a recommendation on how frequently i should apply?
i have them in a 12x12x18 terrarium, do they need a larger enclosure?
are there any sure indicators of stress that i can be sure to watch for?

thanks again!

12/26/08  09:30pm


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  Message To: SpecChick   In reference to Message Id: 1920965

 WTF w/ severed toe pad

If your tank is 12" x 12" x 18" that is only about 11.22 gal. Yes that is way to small.
You should have 20 gal for the first frog and add 10 for any additional.
To help hold heat in you can place a towel on part of the screen top to hold in the heat.

He/she may eat more being in a separate tank, having no competion can make a big difference.
The polysporin I would put on a couple times a day. Make sure the area is clean before applying.

Once this on is healed completely, there will be no problem of putting them back together.
Not always is cuddleing, a sign of buddies. Sometimes the bigger one is bullying the smaller one by laying on top or close to keep it from eating,moving etc.

A pic of the tank and frogs would be great.

12/28/08  10:43am

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