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 My wtf won’t shut up!!!

I have a 55 gallon terrarium with 8 frogs in it. Two white’s tree frogs, two leopard frogs, two tomato frogs and two cuban tree frogs. I have had the wtf that I am having problems with since february. I got him from my co worker. She said he only talks a couple times each night, and that is it. Well he didn’t talk at all for the first month or so, and then only talked a couple times a week, not bad at all. Well, a couple months ago I upgraded the 25 gallon my two whites were in to the 55 gallon. The 55 gallon has two laying down "L" shaped platforms to make the tank multi level, one of the levels is filled with water which waterfalls to a water feature below. I use a power head to circulate the water to the top level where it can fall back down. Every time I turn the powerhead on my frog starts croaking. I don’t know if it’s the falling water that bugs him or what. The problem is is that he doesn’t stop doing it. I have been home for about 2 hours now with the powerhead going all day. He won’t stop. I just listened to him make 36 croaks, with a 21 second break, followed by 41 croaks, followed by a 10 second break and so on... he’s driving me crazy. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be going on in his little adorable head? Is he really happy with the waterfall, or angry about it? Anyone have any advice?!?!


12/11/08  01:16am


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  Message To: Emily~   In reference to Message Id: 1912537

 My wtf won’t shut up!!!

Frogs croak to attract females and set up territory.... It means he is happy and healthy....

However that said mixing species is not a good idea. Though the frogs may seem to get along each is from different areas around the globe and different locations even when from the same area... Every frog has its own set of parasites and bacterial exposure. Though not territorially aggressive in many cases these frogs would never meet each other... They would be considered intruder as frogs do not mix...
ONe exception to this is White lipped with Whites have been found together but are related and some believe and just a different strain caused by location of environment...

If you think of like this:... When we went into the jungles we took with us flu, small pox, measles etc. and wiped out the jungle tribes accidently by exposing them to new strains of illness that most likely would never of found its way there. Or in some cases the strains would of taken years and years of mutations to come in at the strength they did. So little exposure at a time so some immunity would build up instead of what we did by exposing them with no immunity and it killed thousands...

What you are doing with the frogs is the same thing.... They may do well for a while and then bang they will start dropping.... Enclosed envioronments especially moist ones grow bacteria quickly...Perfect breeding ground for mutating cells..

I will push up a post on mixing it would be wise for you to read it..


12/11/08  06:24am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1912575

 My wtf won’t shut up!!!

well said hoppy. mixing different kinds of species from different habitats or populations is a bad thing and should be avoided.


12/12/08  07:16pm

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