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 Odd Behavior?

This may be perfectly normal - but, I just want to make sure.

Last night my WTF (I’ve had since July/August) was just hanging out in the corner of the cage (I have a 10 gallon) and he seemed to be pushing his body off of the glass and then he kept opening his mouth. Was he (I think - I just noticed his throat darkening) just trying to sing? While I was sleeping I heard some deep grumbling.

Also, he doesn’t like to hide. He prefers to just hang on the side of his cage in plain view. He never goes in his tree or lounges on his logs. Is all of this normal? My GTF hides all the time.

10/28/08  08:43am


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  Message To: Croakers   In reference to Message Id: 1889118

 Odd Behavior?

Probably shedding, they stretch everything out, including doing what looks like yawning.

10/28/08  11:18pm


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  Message To: Rrrragdoll   In reference to Message Id: 1889568

 Odd Behavior?

Thats what my thought was too.....shedding... Though some do practice to sing....

Insure your humidity is 50 to 60% range to help ease shedding process.... If it takes more than an hour you should review humidity and set up....


10/29/08  06:22am

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