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 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

I have a peacock tree frog/yellow spotted tree frog, not sure which he is, but Ive had him since December and he has been totally fine but just in the last couple days he is getting cloudyness in his eyes, they look dark and bruised, not the normal bright green reptile eyes he usually sports, and I’m worried he is gonna die.He is in a ten gallon, mix of coconut fiber and moss with fake plants. I keep it at 80 degrees in the day and about 70 to 75 degrees at night. Always about 70-80% humidity, I spray about three to five times a day. He seems a bit listless, like he just doesnt care, and he has been awake more in the day. I put him in a small tank with just paper towels that are soaked at the bottom and he is on the wall with his little butt sitting in the water. And his rear legs are sticking out a bit, he doesnt tuck them in like he normally does but they arent out too far. I gut load his crickets and even use calcium powder sometimes. I wouldnt think its a calcium deficiency so I don’t know what it could be. Id post pictures but looks like I cant do that. Any suggestions?? I’d really appreciate it, he is the first frog I got.

08/20/08  02:20pm


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  Message To: RyanFree   In reference to Message Id: 1837215

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

Peacock frogs are known for going through periods of dormancy and don’t eat or hunt or slow down their appetites and sleep almost hibernative though temps are warm still in the tank.

Some do this a couple times a year others only once...

As you are entering fall (at least here) is it possible he is going into this time of season? Its very hard to tell other than he seems to can last a month.... They don’t seem to dip much at this stage..

Has he been eating, can you tell when he was in the old tank? Sometimes moving to the sick tank they won’t eat regardless... Some will take up to a week to eat upon change...

Its really important to insure he is ill or the stress could be worse upon moving him (these guys stress out)..... (Please note you did the right thing by making a sick tank).... Its just sometimes a single specimen in a tank we can avoid the move for anyone reading this.. If a collection then always move if one seems ill health...


08/20/08  04:53pm


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1837375

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

I know he ate as early as two nights ago and he was fine then. Now his eyes are almost never open and he repeatedly dips his eyes into his head like when he is slamming down food but he didnt eat anything. I dont know what the hard blinking is for but he does it alot and he won’t tuck his legs in at all anymore. Does that sound like anything you’ve heard of?

08/20/08  07:13pm


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  Message To: RyanFree   In reference to Message Id: 1837523

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

Not really anything I can place off hand...

I can tell you that during that dormant period they do sit in water with eyes closed. Many of this group of frogs sit in forest puddles.. For mine I use an infrared lamp 24/7 or red glass bulb (not sure which is in their tank to keep consistant temps) and the female is the one in the dish mostly.. The male joins her at night..

Do you happen to know the latin name of your frog? MIne are unknown but are Leptopelis family..

If he ate two nights ago it sounds fine as they don’t eat daily once settled in... They have periods of hunting and hunger and then they settle down and eat occassionally. So this is a good sign..sick frogs won’t eat. But frogs with muscle issues will so we’ll see.....

Mine I barely see hunt or anything now.. I do see them dipping and sitting ready to hunt. As they mature their food supply becomes less urgent and they know its always there...

Most of these frogs are short lived..average about 5 years. They are sold in their first year say 4-6 mths and then the time you have them they are most likely about a year at a quick calculation with you owning him since Dec. These mature at this point..

I can’t quite picture the leg issue.... Is there any signs of trouble with his waste like watery or redness on his legs or legions? Odour from his home tank or waste in his sick tank?

Can you do a glass test?
This is placing the frog on the glass to see if he can climb normally. Or on a branch etc... Glass is best as you can observe his movements if shaky etc and allows seeing the feet maybe...
The downfall with this test is some will not But try it. It should tell me if he able to use all muscle function... If not it can be calcium or fungal or weakness.... Treatment for all is the same using mela fix first if not an antibiotic maybe needed.
You do dust your crickets? Water is treated etc?

I hate to suggest the mela fix treatment without being positive he is ill and not dormant as it will stress this species somewhat.
Would you consider your particular frog quite calm and tame? If so its easier to treat him with mela fix for a try... Some are very somber and stress tremendously which does more harm than good to muck them about unless done very carefully...

The other option to destress carefully and put him at ease is to clean out his normal tank and place back everything sterile and see if he reacts differently/ put everything back in but the substrate use paper towel still... It would be slightly different to him but not over kill if unsure of his health...

Your the best judge of how he is handling the sick tank compared to his home tank and his nature.. I really worry over these guys and stress unless they are quite calm...

Give me a run down on him and any marks etc before doing another change and we’ll go from there. If you do decide to treat him with mela fix its best in the sick tank for sure...


08/21/08  09:42am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1838053

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

I treat his water. I do dust the crickets with the calcium powder and I feed them the gut load. He still moves fine. He will sit around looking almost dead, then he will be climbing around. He can climb up the walls pretty well and I sprayed his little tank and he was alright enough to move to the other side and a pretty good pace. The only thing that has me so worried is his eyes, they are finally open today but they are a very grey cloudy color, like the eyes of a blind dog would be, just grey and murky and it makes me feel like he has an infection but hes still alive so I have my fingers crossed.

08/21/08  03:23pm


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  Message To: RyanFree   In reference to Message Id: 1838390

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

Leptopelis flavomaculatus is the name of him and this picture of a random one is identical to mine. Link
That is just what mine looks like, the markings are all the same and colors are perfect. Now mine is a bit darker than that all over and his eyes are like i described.

08/21/08  03:28pm


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  Message To: RyanFree   In reference to Message Id: 1838397

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!


Insure your calcium dust has Vit D3 in it... If not you will have to buy vit powder or another calcium that includes it ok?

As for the eyes.... Try googling leptopelis frog sleeping.. When they are in this mode they look blind but actually its just the membrane over the top...

He really sounds ok to me at this point.... Has he shown any interest in eating again?

I’m away till monday..... I really don’t wish to treat him with mela fix unless you really feel he is ill and quite calm...
If eating I wouldn’t....

When using the mela fix for these guys its best to use a margerine tub with a couple of oz’s of water or 1 oz depending on his size...

Put air holes in the top/lid ...

You then do everything the same as my instructions on the mela fix post.. I’ll bump it up again....

Take the 4 oz of water and mela fix that was added and only put what you need into the tub...

Once your frog is in the container you put the lid on and slowly move the container so he is sitting in the dip head above water levels... Just move it slow so not to frighten him and just talk gently so he can associate your voice....

Most will sit nicely in the dip but some smaller species will keep moving...thats ok... It won’t hurt him...
Just insure after the dip he is put back in his place/tank and left alone....

If for any reason you are not clear on my instructions please wait till I’m back on to clarify..not worth risking any mistakes ok?


08/22/08  09:59am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1839221

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

Well my little guy just passed away last night. I don’t know what was wrong, I feel so bad for him. His eyes were solid grey the last two days he was alive even when they were wide open, and he smelled kinda funky which is a sign of a bacteria? I still have my red eye and I have the red eye in with a green tree frog and they sleep right up next to each other every day! I think they are in love, I hope they last longer. Thanks for trying to help you have been wonderful. If I ever have any problems with the others I will post on here. Thanks again

08/23/08  03:54pm


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  Message To: RyanFree   In reference to Message Id: 1840444

 My peacock tree frog is sick!! Help please!!

Awww sorry Ryan......the smell could be just death but it could be parasites... Insure you clean the tank with bleach and rinse or use stronger dilution of vinegar to water ratio....

Just so you know though...your other two frogs should be kept seperately or you will likely loose them to illness..

Each frog has certain requirements and temps and humidity etc that they should be kept at.

Even though they may seem to get along they are actually killing eachother with each others parasites and skin secretions etc....
There is a great mixing post on here you might want to read its very informative....

Red eye requirements are more rain forest compared to the american green tree frogs... So you should check their tank set ups for more info..

Take care...good luck..

08/25/08  08:48am

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