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A post by Enkne1 reminded me of this topic and so I thought I would reiterate. Many people believe (appropriately so) that releasing a previously captive animal into the wild is okay. I myself thought this and am probably responsible for the deaths of various goldfish and other small pets from my childhood. However; the release of captive animals is not a solution, the animal has no knowledge of how to act in the wild and has a very small survival rate. I just thought I would let ya’ll know and I don’t want to sound angry or anything, I’m just trying to be informative.


07/07/08  09:08pm


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i agree, animals that have been under human care wont be able to survive on its own if its released back into the wild. Though it may seem like the "right thing" to do your really just decreasing the chances of its survival. If you find your self not wanting your critter for any reason just give it away, theres craigslist, other forums etc full of people who would most likely take the animal off your hands. =)

07/07/08  10:08pm

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