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 A couple questions!

Hey guys,

Some of you read my previous post, where i said i got my new tree frog, Sumo, but i didn’t get to tell you guys that he was missing a toe! That was the first thing i noticed after bringing him home,lol. However, just yesterday (10thday), i realized he was missing another toe, in the back leg.
So apparently he was missing a toe on each hindleg. Weird huh? Could he have been caught wild?
Anyway, he eats fine, looks chubby, so i won’t return him.

> QUESTION 1: he hasnt been pooping since like.. well i could say, 5 days? he eats like every 2-3 days, he comes out at night, and he seems fine. Chubby, round... eating? peeing constantly.. haha well when i hold him, he doesnt seem to be tame enough yet.
QUESTION, whats wrong with Sumo? Is he okay... he seems to act okay, i’ve had him for 11 days now, should i return him before its too late?
How can i make him poop? Hes in a quarantine tank, with paper towel substrate, and a few fake leaves and a water dish that i change every night for him and duke.

Other thing, some of you know that i found out that Duke was sick. His right hindleg started with a bump back in April, but then i didn’t know what it was, now it has 2, and they look white-ish with stuff under. Some said it might be tapeworms, but when i checked, nothing seemed to be moving.
Tonight was the 3rd night using the Melafix, following Hoppy’s instructions.
AFter day 7, if his leg doesn’t seem to be better, i’ll take him to the local vet.
-----Duke is doing well still, he poops on regular basis, climbs and jumps around in his 18X18X24.
Lol, he makes a LOT of noise at night, jumping and splattering on the glass walls, jumping around on the plants.. but thats good, he takes his nightly bath and seems to be well, except for his hideous.. leg.
I’d get a picture of it, but i just recently broke my camera, stupid lens...

So i’ve been reading a lot about supplements for frogs and such, like dusting the crickets.
I did get this FLuker’s Repta-Calcium back in april or May. Thought it’d be good, but idk...
i’ve been dusting the crickets once a week. The instruction says its good for amphibeans as well.
SO QUESTION IS, is this okay for my frogs? Isn’t there another vitamin supplement i’m supposed to use for my frogs?
Could you please give me the name or a couple good ones, thanks.

all your answers/replies are appreciated.

Lisa aka. Lsquared.

06/27/08  05:02am


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1775255

 A couple questions!

OH hey!
Well, i’ve seen this brand a lot, but i guess never really read the thing.
But here it says, its an all vitamin supplement good for reptiles and amphibeans.

http://www.petsmart. com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754862 (no space before com )

hmm, is that good for my frog, or are there any other good brands i should know about.

Can i use the JurassiVite and Repta-calcium on my frogS?
So like once a week with the vitamin one, and once a week iwht repta calc?

Let me know!
thank you so much... ;]


06/27/08  05:09am


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1775256

 A couple questions!

Missing toes don’t usually effect the frogs any....

Many captive and wild have missing toes either because of infection or injury and some just born that way...

Any dusting vitamins or calcium should say on it for amphibians; if not just insure the calcium has D3 or you will need calcium and seperate vitamin powder...

Many frogs don’t past waste for a couple of weeks..It depends if growing and eating etc... so he is normal here...

The water (pee) release is a stress reaction to get away from predators.... This is a sign of stress so don’t handle him right now. He needs time to know you...
If you do handle him and he releases insure you put him back asap so he can get water to refill. It isn’t pee its the water they store for when away from water for emergency back up in dry spells etc....

Duke: Yes finish the mela fix... If he doesn’t show improvement by day 8 then take him to the vet if its available to you as he may need a stronger medication...

Insure there is no contact between Duke and Sumu.... Including your hands... Insure everything is washed...
What I do is always do any potential sick animal last when it comes to feeding or changing water etc...
This stops any potential chance of cross contamination...

Duke making noise is a good sign...Very sick frogs don’t make sound because in the wild they would be caught by predators who would know they are weak etc... So thats good he’s


06/27/08  10:03am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1775368

 A couple questions!

Hahah yeah, i guess those missing toes have healed up cuz they’re black stubs now.
When i first got him, i asked one of my cousins what i should name him, she said, " TOELESS!"
lmao, yeah..hahaa. But i picked Sumo because hes so FAT! that his head looks small. haha

Yeah, the calcium i use right now has D3.
I’m going to get that jurassiVite because it has vitamins that says are appropriate for amphibeans too.
I’ll be using both the Calcium and vitamin one then.

Woaah really?
Well, I guess duke and Sumo are a lot different, i mean well, besides age and a bit of a size different.
But Duke usually poops couple times a week, normal poop though.
But since i got Sumo, 12 days now, i think hes only pooped ONCE or MAYBE.. twice?
I just thought it was abnormal because Duke has gone way more since a week.

OH. another new fact for me..haha.
Yeah i always wondered why the "Pee" squirted out from them was odorless and colorless like water.
That makes sense.
yeah i’ll try not to handle him as much, but hes gotten a lot tamer.
Early on, he would always try to hop away, and was a bit skittish; he’s still a, but not as bad as before.

Yeah i’m hoping Duke will get better sooon, or at least his leg!
but his attitude seems to be turning up a bit, or he just seems a lot more HYPER! haha

yeah gotcha on the no to cross contamination.

Yeah, yesterday i was trying to see if i could get sumo and Duke to croak, so i played a couple audios off the web, and soon sumo did a little croak and then i ran to get my sister so she can witness it, but when i started again, sumo didn’t croak!
BUT, instead of sumo croaking, Duke who was half way coming from this hole, starts croaking, and i can see his body going up and down from it.. haha so cute! but i didn’t see his throat bulge or nothing.
Does that mean hes NOT a boy?
He used to croak on his own A LOT back between novem-Dec.
he would start on his own, always at 10pm.
now he doesnt do it much....or none really.

thanks so much hoppy!

Lisa aka. Lsquared

06/27/08  12:26pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1775483

 A couple questions!

Hey Lisa, I have a frog named David with a missing or deformed front toe, and he’s been doing great!
originally I thought he was missing a toe, but after taking this pic he seems to have a toe but a small one like it was deformed.

anyway here he is:

06/27/08  10:01pm


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  Message To: MacinMan   In reference to Message Id: 1776029

 A couple questions!

hahaha, hes GREAT! and chubby too. :) Reminds me a bit of Sumo, except Sumo is still, well, more fat... lol.

Yeah sumo is middle his middle toe in the back left hindleg, and missing his 2nd i think on the right hindleg.
weird huh?
AND i just realized, that they have 4 fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on each foot!
i thought it was 5 for all!

so Sumo is currently 16/18

Thanks for introducing David ;]

Lisa aka. Lsquared

06/27/08  10:42pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1776076

 A couple questions!

Actually Lisa, I have three frogs. David just seems to be the one who always likes to do pics out of tank, or he’s always game for it.

Here is a picture of all three, that I got last night.

06/28/08  07:40am


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  Message To: MacinMan   In reference to Message Id: 1776352

 A couple questions!

I forgot to include their names:

06/28/08  07:43am


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  Message To: MacinMan   In reference to Message Id: 1776353

 A couple questions!

My WTFS arent missing toes :D

06/28/08  03:27pm


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  Message To: Hazzah   In reference to Message Id: 1776659

 A couple questions!


hahah cool setup, love the bamboo thing going across, have to get me a couple of those.
Ohhhh! i thought there was only one sitting there on the left, but when i looked closer, i could see the other two int the back!
goliath is a cool name ;]

hjaha thats good ;]
Duke has all his digits, i guess i don’t mind Sumo missing 2 digits, it makes him rather unique?

Lisa aka. Lsquared

06/28/08  07:46pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1776891

 A couple questions!


mmhm, so i was just wondering how exactly, should i Gutload my crickets for my Dumpy tree frogs?

I know a couple goodies that they can eat, such as, apples, potatoes, carrots and leafy greens, however, WHAT kinds of " leafy greens?".

I’d like to know a list of goodies that are good for my dumpies in the end, and like all the appropriate foods to fill the crickets.
Also what NOT to feed the crickets.

are fruits such as grapes and plums okay? i’m just listing a couple fruits i saw in my kitchen, but i didn’t feed them to my crickets.
what about oranges?

Thank you so much!

Lisa aka. Lsquared

06/28/08  11:32pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1776891

 A couple questions!

Thought i share some funny pictures of DUKE.

haha this one he was in shed, but i had never seen him act this way while shedding, so i thought he was going to barf on my table..
Looks like hes going KARATEEE CHOPP!!!!

This one, is another KARATE picture, except hes more calm.

Duke just being held.

and let me know what you think of his MOVES.

06/28/08  11:56pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1777208

 A couple questions!

Hey Guys
or Hoppy, whoever reads this...

So last night was my 5th night of putting Duke in the Mela fix.
Did as you said in your instructions...
However, when i look at the sores or whatever stuff on his hindleg, it looks to be worse,
as if it were spreadign.
More white-ish stuff underneath, still not moving or nothing, so not sure if it is tapeworm..
probably not?
I said earlier that i’d take him to the vet if that THING doesn’t clear up after the 7 day mela fix treatment.

Whats up with his leg?
does anyone know.
sorry iknow a picture would REALLY help.
but i broke it during the last week of

Lisa aka. Lsquared

06/29/08  03:30pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1777648

 A couple questions!


07/01/08  11:47pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1780195

 A couple questions!


last night was Duke’s 7th dip in the mela fix(consistant 7 days), as said in Hoppy’s Mela Fix instruction. However, his hindleg still looks bad, maybe even worse. I have to take him to a vet!

07/01/08  11:49pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1780199

 A couple questions!

It only works with all the other things like the sick tank etc....

He may need a stronger antibiotic through a vet like Baytril... Finish the mela fix first but insure all the others things were done like higher temps etc...

Keep us posted...

07/03/08  01:15pm


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1781702

 A couple questions!

I finished the Mela fix.
The other day, he had runny stools.

Also, when i take him to the vet, do i still keep hiim in the sick tank?
how high should the temperature be?
I have mine from 80 to 85 day
around 70 at night.

he dips regularly and crawls around places....jumps around and such.
So Pretty active.

Also after the Vet, can i still use mela fix?
I know i have to do that 2 weeks break..


Lisa aka. Lsquared

07/03/08  04:26pm


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  Message To: Cappy8   In reference to Message Id: 1781888

 A couple questions!

Is he eating?...

Its normal for a frog to get runny stools using the mela fix.... Its oil based so helps eliminate toxins within the body..

Your temps are too low.. In a sick tank temps must be kept at 85f (or close) day and night...

If your taking him to the vet then I wouldn’t do mela fix if another medicine is given..

The mela fix is a medication just an all natural one so must be used correctly....

If you get temps up and in sterile/sick tank envioronment and he’s eating I would try the mela fix again with a two or 3 day break in between the last dip. If he’s not eating then You can decide if you want the vet or to try the mela fix again..your choice...

Good luck..Keep me posted..

07/03/08  08:31pm

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