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 Need help for a White’s Treefrog

Yes I was wanting to know, I’m about to get a Whites Treefrog pretty soon. However the tank I currently have for it, is a half-half tank. The small area is where the water goes. And I have 6 large rocks, 2 climbing logs, and moss for the large area. But is there anything else besides those 9 items that I need to get for the frog to be happy. If you have an answer, please write me back as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day.

Sincerely, Chad

05/25/08  07:13pm


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 Need help for a White’s Treefrog

I didn’t quite understand your comment. You started saying the tank was half and half then said the water area was small. So anyway............. tree frogs, especially WHT are VERY POOR swimmers they can drown easily. There water area should be so they can sit and soak not swim or float. So no deeper than a few inches. Some people have deeper areas for the purpose of filtering etc but you must ensure that there are rocks and or branches for the frogs to climb out on.

Moss is dangerous and can cause impaction and kill the frog. The only moss that is acceptable is planted, live growing moss.
They need land area they like to crawl and jump and climb around. Although Whites are tree frogs you will find most spend alot of their time crawling around on the ground. So they need ground space as well as branches to climb on.
Make sure any rocks are smooth as their tummies are soft and scratch easily.
You will need humidity and temperature gauges. You will need lamps and or an Under tank heater for warmth. A desk lamp with a normal old house bulb no larger than 40 watt usually works.

Lots of places to hide is great, in amongst leaves and hides like terra cotta pot plant pots on their sides or caves........ You will find they pick a favourite spot and usually sleep there every day.

You will need water treatment drops to remove chloramide from the water.
You will need calcium/d3 powder to suppliment their food once a week (adult 2x for babies)
And of course a good and regular supply of crickets.

I adult WTF needs AT LEAST a 20gal tank. Remember volume is lost with decorations and water areas.
30gal for 2 frogs
40 gal for 3
50 gal for 4 etc etc

hope this info helps

05/25/08  10:49pm


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  Message To: Toad keeper   In reference to Message Id: 1746225

 Need help for a White’s Treefrog

Here’s a good caresheet link. Caresheet

05/25/08  11:52pm

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