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 Vietnamese Mossy frog

Does anyone here own or have you owned a Vietnamese mossy frog? From what I have been reading, they are fairly easy to care for. I was just wondering what kind of habitat everyone keeps them in. Also, I wasn’t sure if they should be included here in the treefrog section... but every picture i see them in they are perched on the side of the wall or on a branch. Another questions, does anyone that is using the new exo-terra tanks have a waterfall in them? I went to and he sells a background with a built in waterfall but I think it is too small for the proper cage. It would fit in the 18x18x18 cage and I am not sure if that is big enough for the mossy frogs. I was wondering if the regular background that the tank came with could be made into a waterfall. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks

04/17/08  02:30pm


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  Message To: Biomajir   In reference to Message Id: 1706692

 Vietnamese Mossy frog

I don’t keep these so let me say this first.... However we have had a few members buy them and post for a bit but then gone...

Most seem to have issues settling them in and getting them eating....

Most frogs ’read’ easy to keep.... Lets just say some have very good luck and some have none.

Its best to maybe try an easy keep by hobbyists standards for a first frog...
I think you will find most members would agree that Whites tree frogs are the easiest for keeping and even with this it can be a long road at first...
There is really a knack and a lot of consideration to be taken. Much information out there is either wrong or not updated to findings today...

As far as the tank..... You should be ok in that size.... I always get as big as I can so I can adjust to any species if need be.

The backgrounds that come with the exo’s aren’t very thick really for cutting out.. You could easily run water down it though in the crevices and have it pumped back up and so forth. The bottom of the background falls into a pool that collects the water.. You may have to cut some off the bottom to allow a water pool under it. In fish tanks they have a water fall that fits the back of the tank... a tube actually with small holes so water falls like a water fall. This idea can easily be put in the exo..

Also the exo background is just white behind the rock finish so would look very bright if you cut it...
Just insure whatever set up you do use that its filtered water and easy access to pumps etc... There is nothing worse than having to tear a tank apart to start the pump or clean it...

The main issue I can see is mossy frogs are very good at hiding and may wedge themselves behind the background if not protected....

Many members build a free standing type fall with running stream.... so many creative people when it comes to amphibians..


04/18/08  07:25am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1707645

 Vietnamese Mossy frog

I’m thinking about gettin some too and have done a lot of research. They would need a more aquatic environment with rocks coming out of the water for them to stick on.

04/18/08  04:33pm


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  Message To: Muffinman   In reference to Message Id: 1708110

 Vietnamese Mossy frog

Muffinman, if you don’t mind could you give me some names of the websites or books you used to get your information? I seem to having a lot of trouble finding any information about them other than the very very basic stuff.

04/18/08  05:12pm

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