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 Where to get frogs???

Hi! I am looking for a blue phase WTF. All the petstores I have visited in my area(cenrtal NJ) only have brown/green. Anyone have an idea of where I could get one? Maybe a reputable website that ships?

04/14/08  11:50pm


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  Message To: Imderanged   In reference to Message Id: 1703753

 Where to get frogs???

I don’t know any breeders right at the moment that have them.

I got mine at Pets mart. I don’t think they even knew that he was a blue phase. When I bought him he was young and only had a slight tent of blue. If they do know they are blue phase they will charge more for them.
Young blue phase are green, they don’t have the blue coloring until they are older.
You might ask the managers at the store if they can order you one. Sometimes they just order what they know will sell, so maybe they know someone that has them but have not ordered any. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Just so you know, they don’t stay blue all the time, but when they are blue they are beautiful.

04/16/08  05:29am


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  Message To: Whitie   In reference to Message Id: 1705151

 Where to get frogs???

Many are sold under the name....Australian whites.... These generally are lime green, jade/blue and a little more expensive than the regular Indonesian whites which stay darker greens into the reds/browns....

Blue phase are Australian Whites. They are known as blue phase as they go through color changes that can (not always) be a jade/blue color. Some really get to be a beautiful blue, I believe Whities’ are this color........ Whites do change color on and off for camoflauge, stress etc...

Sometimes they can order them in for you....worth asking if you can’t find any around... It should be known too that there isn’t really any guarantee on color.... Some change color once home and stay that color mostly like a lime color or more jade but not so blue.. Some try changing backgrounds or plants to bring colors out...Its a trial and error usually....

If your thinking the ’blue morph’.....these are very rare and hard to find.... breeders are the best bet if any are around.... These are only blue and never go another color..


04/16/08  12:57pm


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1705446

 Where to get frogs???

Accually they already have my name and number and are suposed to be trying to get me a blue phase at Petco, but I don’t hold out much hope. They said they would TRY. I know what you mean about them changing colors though, my "green" one is brown when he’s hiding behind a log or something, but a really nice bright green when he’s sitting in the water or when I take him out to feed him.

04/17/08  01:37am

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