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 Red Foot Tortoise Questions, Please Help :/

Hi there,

Around two or three weeks ago I purchased a female red foot, she is around 6 inches long and appeared to be very healthy :) She was a very active eater. Her habitat is (for now, will upgrade soon) a 20L, she has a 5.0 UVB and her hot side stays at around 90-95 degrees. I mist her cage morning and night and she has a Monsoon mister to keep the humidity up around 50% while I am gone at work. She has a large ramp bowl for water and a hiding spot she can climb all the way under.

Her diet was entirely prepared pellet, so I promptly switched her over to real veggies; kale, baby kale, carrots, cucumber (skinned), apples (no seeds!), bell pepper and fruit occasionally such as strawberries, kiwi and blueberries.

So around a week ago she started having diarrhea, while she had had very solid poops before. Sometimes also her poop and liquid will be a forest green color. The other day she also pooped out an entire mealworm, although I know that can be from them being hard to digest. My friend who has had reptiles of all kinds for decades told me that she could have been reacting to the diet of veggies with no pellets so I switched back to the pellets with moderate veggies and she appears to be gaining some solidity to her poops, but she still has that forest green liquid.

She also will make a small "croak" especially when drinking water, or when she is exploring the cage. It is definitely NOT a wheeze, and to be honest I think she’s just being vocal but I thought I’d ask your opinion on it.

She’s very active, has healthy eyes, shell is healthy, but over the last couple days she stopped eating as much. I know she’s still eating as she has substantial poops pretty much every time I take her out to let her explore.

I’m really worried there’s something wrong with my little baby, please respond


08/29/17  10:21am


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  Message To: TheZenBetta   In reference to Message Id: 2321162

 Red Foot Tortoise Questions, Please Help :/

Update: She had a nice solid poop today and no forest green urine, but she is still not eating when offered food, but she’s pooping so she has to be eating at night? It’s hard to tell whether or not she’s eaten anything :/ She drinks a TON of water

08/30/17  06:56pm

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