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 Pet Russian Tortoise won’t eat

So I just recently bought a Russian tortoise from the per store and have had it for a week and a half now. She is about 4"-5" and hasn’t eaten since I brought her home. Ive done a lot of research on things I could change about her husbandry, but everything is set up right (the vet said so himself) its about 90-95 F in the basking area and all around away from that is 78-80F. I used coconut coir for her bedding. The humidity is around 40%, and her home is a 4’ by 2’ wooden enclosure. And i have UVB set up with the warm light to provide the heat. I also giver her warm soaks once a day. I’m sure she’s wild caught as well. She’s fine when she walks around in the house, full of energy. I have also taken her outside to walk around and explore. She doesn’t eat anything i give her I’ve tried spring mix of red and green romain, carrots, tomatoes, wheat grass, timothy dried grass, even berries to see if she would eat those and apples, but it seems like anything I give her whether it’s by hand or leave for her in the food bowl, she doesn’t eat. When I walked her outside she eventually tried some of the grass and weeds outside, but only like two bites. I tried feeding her while we were outside that same grass she was eating from but wouldn’t take it. I’ve also tried putting those grasses in her food bowl. I don’t know what I should do to get her to eat the food I get her. Any suggestions?

08/27/15  12:37pm


Morti Tori
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 Pet Russian Tortoise won’t eat

You certainly have the right environment set up for her. A warm bath is a common way to stimulate their appetite but it could also be that she’s preparing for hibernation. I have a male about 6"-7". Have had him for 5 years. Certain times of the year he will enter a state of reduced activity during which he will eat or drink very little, if at all (mine went 2 weeks!). He’s actually in that stage right now. He has excreted a large amount of uric acid. This is probably their way of flushing out their insides prior to a long, deep sleep.

The only odd thing is you mention that she is full of energy, a behavior that mine exhibits along with a hearty appetite. It’s also odd that she won’t eat berries, they usually take to those like kids to candy.

Someone else here had a Russian that wouldn’t eat and took them to a vet. The vet gave the tort an appetite stimulant and the tort started eating.


08/31/15  06:36am


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  Message To: Morti Tori   In reference to Message Id: 2314769

 Pet Russian Tortoise won’t eat

I had a similar thing with my Russian but she really didn’t do much just stayed in her hide and wouldn’t eat when we first brought her home, we left her alone with no handling just making sure her water was clean and offererd food every otherday, but then I noticed her coming out more and more and then after about 5 weeks of just leaving her alone I put fresh greens in and she ate the whole plate and has been eating great ever since. It might just need more time to acclimate to its new home. Good luck keep us posted.

08/31/15  01:24pm

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