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 Russian Tortoise Wanted.

Hello, I’m looking for a Russian tortoise. Baby or young. If you can’t take care of it I will!

06/10/14  08:31am


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  Message To: Briansito   In reference to Message Id: 2305589

 Russian Tortoise Wanted.

check out some of the reptile classifieds on facebook. and be warned: i am the one and only person who ever comes to the turtle forums. good luck--i have a sulcata and she’s wonderful.


06/15/14  06:43am


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  Message To: Briansito   In reference to Message Id: 2305589

 Russian Tortoise Wanted.

Hi! I have a Russian tortoise that is approximately 5 years old. My son wanted him and although we take good care of him, I feel as if he really needs someone who will interact with him more and let him roam outside. We just want to find a good home for him. He seems pretty smart and he’s more active than I anticipated for a tortoise. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks.

07/11/14  08:44pm


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  Message To: River63   In reference to Message Id: 2307108

 Russian Tortoise Wanted.

If you still have this tortoise, I would love to give him a home where he will be loved and spoiled as much as possible. I live on an 800 acre farm, so there is lots of space. I’m recently retired, so devote all my time to animals now. Its heaven!!! I am in north carolina. where are you located?

08/12/14  11:26am


Morti Tori
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  Message To: Molly63   In reference to Message Id: 2308474

 Russian Tortoise Wanted.

A lot of people don’t realize the special care Russian Tortoises require especially compared to other pets such as dogs or cats. I just want to share some of my experiences with mine who I’ve had for almost 3 years now.

I see many who are new to tortoises have little babies that can fit into the palm of your hand and can be easily kept in a plastic tub. My guy is way too big for any tub so he has his own 8’ x 10’ room.

Even this can be too constrained for him when he’s active as he’s always trying to dig his way out or push the gate I have bolted to the frame of the door.

I let him out into the rest of the house under direct supervision as he’s very curious and mischevious, often finding new places to hide or wedge himself into. He’s very strong and can move things twice his weight and will knock things over if I don’t watch him. He is very distructive at times due to his insatiable digging instinct. The baseboard in his room is all scratched up as a result. I call him Mini Godzilla because of the path of destruction he sometimes leaves behind. He’s also very stubborn - he would rather push or knock large objects out of the way that are in his path instead of going around them.

I take him outside in the back yard weather permitting but must be vigilant so he doesn’t get lost. He can move very fast - my neighbors were flabbergasted when they saw how fast he can run! I learned the hard way once that you can’t turn your back on him for even a second. I was chatting with one of my neighbors for about 5 minutes and when I turned around he was gone. We all searched for several hours but he had seemingly vanished. It was a very sad day. My worst fear was that the many feral cats, racoons and opossums that roam this area would make a meal out of him. It was also October which meant the cold weather was setting in. I kept searching for days to no avail. I had finally written him off as gone. 5 weeks later I looked out the window to the yard and there he was right in the middle! I ran out in my pajamas and grabbed him! He was stone cold but was alive so I immediately put him under his heat lamp (which I was going to sell on Ebay along with all his other gear the very next day). He seemed fine in spite of the cold nights we had. I did find where he had buried himself. It was under my toolshed. It wasn’t noticeable until he came out that I saw the hole he dug. At least he hid himself so no predators could find him, which is probably what they do in the wild. Fortunately he seemed unaffected. I suspect he hibernated during that time.

Normally he is an incredibly active and aggressive tortoise. He’s not aggressive towards people, just other tortoises. Apparently the males fight each other for mates as many other creatures do. He will vigorously attack any reflective surface he comes in contact with. He will also attempt to mate with any dome shaped surface he perceives to be a female, such as the base of a floor lamp. It’s funny to watch especially since this is the only time he vocalizes (there are videos on youtube). He also has a voracious appetite during this time.

When it’s time for hibernation he refuses to eat or drink. All he wants to do is bury himself and sleep. His hibernation has varied anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

He also does something called aestivation - it is cycle of reduced activity where when he’s awake will eat and drink very little if at all. It was frustrating at times because information on Russian Tortoises as pets is very sparse so I had no way of knowing if this was normal behavior or he was sick. He went over 2 weeks refusing to eat or drink. He took a few nibbles of Romaine lettuce after this and that was it for another 2 weeks. One thing I learned from him is you can’t force him to eat or drink. After this he hibernated for 6 weeks and when he awoke was back to his rambunctious self with an appetite to match.

08/22/14  01:59pm

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