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 Please identify my tortoise species

We got him a few months ago he was sold as a 3 yr old salcuta but he is very small for one and won’t eat like one. He refuses hay and tortoise pellets. His favorite foods are in order from most to least favorite. Strawberries fruit and greens. Tomato. Been sprouts Brocoli tops only leafy greens like spinach kale radish greens Asparagus

he seems healthy though the bottom ridge of his back shell was cracked and has not re grown. He will get up and walk around the living room faster than you would think but tends to stop when he hits something and go to sleep. He sometimes sleeps with his head out. He seems friendly and will let you stroke him. I have pictures but can’t figure out how to post them here.

03/16/14  01:47pm


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 Please identify my tortoise species

my two-year-old sulcata is only about three inches long. they are supposed to grow slowly. if you have a sulcata, tortoise pellets are the very worst thing you can feed it, followed closely but just about everything else you’re feeding it. hay (timothy, not alfalfa) is okay.

this is the best place i’ve found for info: Link

obviously i can’t guess species without a pic. i’m really only useful to tell you if your tortoise is or is not a sulcata. i will paste a post over here that helps with the pics.

as far as i know, i am the one and only resident of the tortoise forum. i am trying to get people to support it again.


03/23/14  05:32pm

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