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Kizzykhaotic   Pmullen  

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 Hibernation HELP!!

I heard hibernating young tortoises is not a great idea. I’ve had her since Feb 2013, I dont know how old she actually is though. All I know is that she weighs 8oz and is 12 by 10cm. I’m thinking she may be around 3. Does anyone have useful tips for first time hibernators?


07/28/13  08:38pm


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 Hibernation HELP!!

Hobernating a tortoise relies on the following factors
the species of tortoise (make sure you have a hibernating species as ones from tropical areas and warmer climates cannot hibernate)
its health (the tortoise must be free from disease_
its weight to length ratio (think of it as a persons BMI)
and your ability to provide a safe hibernating environment

you need to research before carrying it out. i suggest do a quick google search on ’tortoise trust safer hibernation’.

08/28/13  05:21pm

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