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 Wow this site has went down hill

I posted a question about my daughters tortoise over a week ago . There was no responce . What happen to this site ? I use to answer questions on the Uromastix forum and large snake forums years ago . There was a lot of people on those forums every day for years . Is it just this forum or has everyone left Reptic Zone ? I use to recommend the site when I answered Yahoo reptile questions but I am not so sure I should any more . I mean if you get no help here .Any ways an update on my daughters totoise , he is much better . After spending $700 yeah , $700 on vet bills , giving it daily vitamin shots ,having it wormed and a better diet, including dandilion greens his neck swelling is almost gone .He is eatting and has more energy now .The vet think it may have been a combination of vitamin deficency and an allergic reaction to the bedding . They also increase the temp. in his cage to 95 degrees in the basking area . I hope this is of help to someone else .

07/18/13  11:05am


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  Message To: Skullkeeper   In reference to Message Id: 2299639

 Wow this site has went down hill

Ikr no one is here

07/03/14  07:08pm

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