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 Eastern box turtle pen help?? plz

hi, i have recently got a little eastern box turtle the person i bought them from said they i should have both a outdoor and indoor environments. i have set up closet in my house and put in a wire mess door for her, there is about 6 inches of dirt kept in by wood planks i had set up along the entire length of the closet, she has a shallow little pond about one inch deep the pond is about one square foot in the frought right corner ans goes in and out of that and drinks and i have a breeding population of worms in there i put in about 200 for her i set up plants and cut off hollow log set up along with a pieces of flat wood and a few stones that she likes to stay near in i have 2 heating lamp set up on one side of the closet for her (the store owner said that was good but i’m just wondering) so it stays at around 80 degrees but should it be colder or warmer?? in there at night i turn them off and and i currently set up sections of different plants all around the closet. i currently have turnip greens cabbage, squash and onions growing in there in the back left corner a few feet from the lights and she loves to dig into the ground and dig for onions and worms she also eats from the cabbages alot also. do i have this set up right for her? and also i want the diameters for a outside pen for her as well. the closet is about 4 feet long 3 feed wide is that enough space for her? im sorry i ask so many questions lol im new to turtles and my vet said they are great pets. im not sure of her age but she fits almost perfectly in my palm just a bit bigger. and shes health and seems happy and moves all over the closet. please help lol

06/30/13  09:30am

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