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My adult daughter bought a tortoise for her husband from Pet Smart about a month ago. I do not know the kind of tortoise he is . It is a male .The tortoise has been very active, eating well ,friendly roaming around the house every day , till this past week. Suddenly he is not eating and is lethargic . He has a large glass aquarium cage I think 50 gallon. It is long . She has a thermometer with a probe and says one end of the tank is 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the other is cooler but I am not sure of the temp at that end .She has a heat lamp at the warmer end and a night bulb .Sorry I do not know exact specifics . I have been concerned with the temps. but she says nothing has changed these have been the temps . since she first got him.She took him to a reptile vet 3 days ago . The vet said he did not seem to have a respiratory infection but he did worm him. I do not know the medication given .She is thinking about taking him back tomorrow . We are so worried about him.She thinks he may have eattensome of the wood chip substrate that she had him on . Pet Smart had recommended it . She has taken the wood chips out and he is now on reptile carpet . He has not defecated in over a week or eaten in over a week but is drinking water .Any help would be greatly appreciated . We love him. Could he be impacted ? If so what can be done ?Thank you

06/28/13  09:33am

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